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Advantage of Led Light Box in Advertising

LED light boxes are useful for drawing peoples attention to an advertisement or store promotion. This is especially true if the advertisement displays flashing or movement. That is, motion tends to immediately grab most peoples attention due to its nature of constantly changing between two or more states.
Static use of LED light boxes create a clearer and more visually appealing advertisement display, both in-store and outside.

Advertisements that display motion are more noticeable than static images. To illustrate, one can imagine the scenario of a person walking down a street that has static images on the left side and moving images on the right. The person in this scenario is more likely to pick up the right side in his or her peripheral vision.
One of the best ways to display motion is to use an LED light box. These boxes are easy to set up, maintain, and repair. Furthermore, LED light boxes allow the user to come up with  marketing ideas that would have been cost prohibitive prior to new light box designs. Possibilities include creating an image of motion and scrolling text.
Another benefit to using LED light boxes is the option to run the advertisement throughout either the day, night, or both. Namely, these LED light boxes are visible in the daylight, too. Other features include: (a) the ultra-thin design for ease of installation; (b) high-quality materials that extend the lifetime use of the product; (c) low maintenance costs; (d) low-voltage requirements; (e) and environmental-friendly design.
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