Why Use Diffusion Plate in the Light Box

By Hawkspace | 28 December 2017 | 5 Comments
Diffusion plate is the biggest feature of the light caused the greatest interference, the diffusion plate is the light through the PS / PC / PMMA lamp substrate diffusion layer, encountered with its refractive index of different media, there will be multi-angle, multi-directional Refraction, reflection, and scattering phenomena, so as to achieve the effect of light diffusion, to show the lighting components to provide uniform surface light source, so that the diffusion plate to produce high light transmittance and good diffusion effect.
Diffusion plate can be divided into four types of 1. Double-sided fine sanding light diffusion; 2 sides of a coarse sand side of the fine sand diffusion; 3 side of the light side of the frosted light diffusion plate; 4. All smooth diffusion plate.
The main effect of frosting effect is to make the light source hide and diffuse the light source. In the side of a coarse sand side of the sand in the use of light sand is on the light guide plate, fine sand up, you can also according to customer needs to set. Diffuse plate light transmittance at 80%, haze 92%, is widely used in light boxes and lighting industry, compared to the smooth surface of the diffuser, the matte diffuse plate will be lower light transmittance, but not too low many. Matte side of the astigmatism effect is better, wear, scratch resistance, and stability, static electricity will be smaller, not easy to absorb dust.
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