Ultra-thin Light Boxes are Gradually Replacing Poster Ads

By Hawkspace | 28 December 2017 | 5 Comments
The advertising career has been changing, from wood carving to poster frameworks to ultra-thin light boxes, and ultra-thin light boxes are considered to be very effective advertising media. It is the combination of light and posters to attract customers eye. The data show that the light box is better than the advertising image without lighting.

Where to use the ultra-thin  light boxes
Use them directly at the point of sale to promote the product, use the light box in the meal business, so that customers can quickly understand the product to make a choice.
Use light boxes in the window to promote new products or services. When a well-designed light box displays a product, sales are usually also increased.

Why choose an ultra-thin light box?
The advantages of the ultra-thin light box: Luminous uniform, long life, the material can be recycled, saving power. Not light the light box in the daytime can reflect the product information, but once the light dark down, the customer is difficult to note and LED ultra-thin light box allows customers in the dark environment can also see the product information, understand the product.

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