Benefits of Led Light Pocket Kits

By Tracy | 25 January 2018 | 5 Comments

LED Light Pocket is an eye catching way to illuminate your posters and graphics that adds sparkle and interest drawing attention to your promotional messages.
The Light Pocket Kit includes suspended floor to ceiling cables, acrylic light pockets, available in A1, A2, A3, and A4 size. Select from single or double sided light box options.
Key benefits of illuminated poster kits:
Incredibly slim display – light box can be 6mm(double viewing sides) thick so can be presented in any window or interior without taking up a lot of floor space.
Intrigue – The Light Pocket has an edge lit glow that creates intrigue and draws the eye from a distance to the illuminated poster display.
Appearance – The illuminated poster display has a very upmarket appearance yet is competitively priced.
Even spread of light – The LED light pocket presents an even spread of light, no dark shadows appear ensuring that your graphic is crisp and punchy.
Bright light – LED lighting is used which is extremely bright. Using this type of display lighting grabs the attention of passers-by. Ideal for lighting up dark areas/corridors.
Maintenance free – lamp life is above 50,000 hours – no need to change lamps or tubes, saving time and money.
Energy efficient & economical – The illuminated posters uses a fraction of electricity compared with standard light boxes.
Easy to change graphics – Graphics can be changed within seconds.
Affordable posters/graphics – works well with back lit inkjet prints and 90gsm paper (without water marks). Overall a competitively priced illuminated display.
Ideal for many types of environments – Estate Agents, Spa’s & Beauty Salons, Hotels, Bars & Restaurants, Reception Areas and many more.

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